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An Expedition of 50 Golden Years.

Sr. Assumpta

Arabian Sea cradling St. Mary’s High School, Dahanu in its lap, refreshing its children with the touch of her waves, gently alluring them with its peaceful beach is beckoning us today to return to its memories to commemorate the Golden Jubilee celebrations!
It is a time to recount God’s blessings upon this institution bountiful and rare in God’s unfathomable ways, in using the Bethany Sisters for the service of people in Dahanu rich in its diversity of cultures, language and religions.

I deem it a privilege to be part of this institution though perhaps for the shortest period among all the Principals who were at the helm of affairs.

Down the memory lane, I can still recall the stories I had heard, recounting the unflinching dedication and commitment of Merwanji who used to supervise the construction of the school building initially, with a bottle of water beside him at his chair all day long, to quench his thirst in the scorching heat, close to the Tropic of Cancer.

The trustees, the management and the Bethany Sister together have left no stone unturned over the years; in making St. Mary’s bring fullness of life to all the student seekers who entered its portals in quest of knowledge. Mother Mary, the Patroness of the school has always nurtured them in her mantel and protects them today wherever they shine!

I have happy memories of all my students and the staff and the parent community I served and on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the Institution I pray God’s choicest blessings upon them and on the Board of Trust, the Management, the Principals, the staff and the students both past and present. May St. Mary’s continue to shine as a transforming force, as it has always been, shining brightly in the milieu where culture, linguistic and religious barriers are crossed to create a peaceful society.

Sr. Ophelia Tauro BS

It gives me immense joy to learn that St. Mary’s School, Dahanu Road, is completing 50 years of fruitful service in the field of education. On the momentous occasion of its Golden Jubilee, I congratulate all who were responsible for founding and nurturing the institution and making it what it is today. True to the saying ‘the wealth of knowledge is the greatest of all wealth,’ St. Mary’s has been promoting education for the past fifty years enabling students to have a better future. An educational institution is not judged by the number of engineers, doctors or bureaucrats it produces, but by the kind of human beings moulded on its premises. St. Mary’s School, that was born as the necessity of the time fifty years ago in a small town, is in its youth today and has labored all through to provide opportunities to students for character formation, cultivation of virtues, confidence building, diligent performance and scientific thinking. By doing so it has played a key role in providing holistic education for the transformation of the society. I also feel grateful for the long association of nine years that I had had with the institution in the capacity of a teacher, Vice Principal and Principal. As the Chinese Proverb goes: “If you want to think one year ahead, plant rice; if you want to think ten years ahead, plant a tree; but if you want to think a hundred years ahead, educate your people.” I am confident that the students of St. Mary’s will rise to great heights, always upholding the values and principles enshrined in the motto of the school. I wish them success in their endeavor and pray for God’s unfailing support and blessings on the Management, Staff, Students and Parents in their great mission of education.

Sr. Ophelia Tauro BS
Ex - Principal

Sr Edleburgh BS

It is indeed a grace and honour for me to reflect, rejoice and recall the Blessings the Lord poured on this great institution viz. St. Mary’s High School. Gazing at the glowing achievements and more the new lease given to the old, what is vivid from the management’s output is the resulting glitter today reaching the quality of Gold. As I reminiscence the year 2001 wherein I was asked to take up St Mary’s School Dahanu, I resisted the offer coming from the Superior General for it was totally a new venture for me. I had my own apprehension for I knew none including the sisters. But my experience there with the management, staff, students and the parents was something unique and wonderful. The cooperation and support I received from the band of lively and vibrant staff, especially my Vice Principal Sr Sharlet and the management was praiseworthy. The parents and the Catholic community appreciated us so much for our efficiency in running the school as well as our sociability to be in good rapport with all and caring about all. Today I feel proud to see that the school has now grown into leaps and bounds, like the proverbial mustard seed giving shelter to all. The school has been witnessing to the Father’s Divine Providence whose spirit rejuvenates and moves towards wider horizons. The work accomplished by the school and the past principals along with their motivating staff speaks volumes of the painstaking efforts, sacrifices undergone by the sisters as well as the hard work of the school management. May this celebration help everyone realize the great responsibility of bringing to reality the value system that is imbibed at St Mary’s High School. That is the ultimate success of an educational institution- to see its students live a life of truth, love, justice, respect for the elders, compassion for others especially for those at the margins of the society, care of the mother earth, being responsible citizens of our great country and always promoting peace and harmony in the society; above all the students would have to realize the development of spiritual quotient. Then, we would proudly say that our school is producing excellent results it is meant to do. May St Mary’s grow from strength to strength. May its students continue to make a difference in society and in the world. I congratulate the Principal Mr Swamy, staff and students on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee. I pray that this Gold shine in the hearts of everyone. Education today must make us loving and serving human beings wherever we are. May this be the fruit of the education rendered by the Principal and staff and imbibed by the students of St Mary’s High School.

Sr Edleburgh BS
(Principal 2001-2004)
Asst Provincial Superior
Bethany Provincial House
Guwahati, Assam
Ph: 08812955284/ 09485110732

Mr. Boman Irani

It’s indeed a matter of immense pleasure to me to witness a glorious journey of 50 years. At this momentous occasion I’m reminded of what Winston Churchill once said… ‘You know you will never get to the end of the journey. But this is so far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of the climb! Our destination is what we determine and I along with my other colleagues …… are proud to make this journey worth making’. St.Mary’s objective is best expressed through its motto ‘Love and Truth’. The school has grown from strength to strength since its inception. From its nascent years the institute has taken huge strides to set up the best of facilities catering to students from cosmopolitan background.
Our students deserve a school that is intelligent and equitable by design, a school that assures access to knowledge and which has the creativity and flexibility to give students the additional resources they need to attain knowledge. With this spirit we march ahead into a new dawn and renewed vigour and hope.
I am grateful to the Bethany Sisters for their selfless service to the institution, to Sr.Esuria, and late Fr. Victoria, Mother Macrina and Merwan Khodadad Irani.
I also extend my appreciation for the incessant assistance and co-operation of the teaching and non-teaching staff specially the editorial team and our students for unleashing the unparalleled talents for publishing this edition. This indeed is a reflection of the diversity of minds, thoughts creativity and skills of the young soul of the school.
I wish every member associated with the institute & Principal Mr.Swamy success in all their endeavours.
May Gold turn into Diamond!!!

Mr. Hemant Panchal

It is a matter of pride to pen down the message for Golden Jubilee year of St.Mary’s School in this magazine. I have an emotional, personal and academic memories attached to this institution. I have been one of the students of his magnificent school where I had my basic education. During all these years I have been associated with school activities in one way or other and I am also one of the committee members of the school. I being a part and parcel of this institution, it is a wonderful and satisfying feeling to see that the growth of a small plant with about 17 students into a large tree having 3800 students under its shade and security. Now this present generation has been a part of this growing process. Academic excellence along with co-curricular and extra activities complete the process of education. It gives me a great satisfaction that this school is progressing in all its spheres towards the overall development and personality of the students. My goal for the students is to work hard in their school studies and be guided in the language and culture by the support of classmates, teachers, parents, guardians and the society at large. In the course of time they will realize the important role that education plays in their daily lives. This magazine is a platform for the students to express their creative pursuit which develops in them originality of thought and perception. The contents of this magazine reflect the wonderful creativity and imagination of our students. While concluding I feel quite privileged to have a chance to serve the society of St.Mary’s School. I will put my best efforts to make the coming years a success for students as well as for all affiliated to the school and the society.

MR.Hemant Panchal

Dr. Amardeep Marwah

Time is the yard stick of life. A school is a place which moulds a person’s character, influences one’s thinking and inspires a student towards excellence. St.Mary’s Dahanu does all that and more. I don’t know about others but I can vouch for myself, my brother, my daughter. Little did I know when I joined St.Mary’s in 1968 as a ‘chota sardar’ that I would be groomed for sunny days ahead. After passing out in 1974, I went on to graduate as a dentist in 1980 but still maintained strong connections with my alma mater. All along, the wards of my teachers, the discipline of the principal and the encouragement of all the staff were the ingredients of the tonic that I sipped throughout. While I was learning the skills of dentistry my younger brother Hardeep was running along the corridors of St.Mary’s and went on to make a mark for himself, is now specializing in drugs. Schools also inspire legacies and thus Simbita my daughter learnt to climb the stairs of St Mary’s and yet again the strong influence ensured that she reached the portals of medical college and is now a proud alumni specialized in clinical Biochemistry I am really fortunate to be inducted as a governing body member of this prestigious school. The school has offered innumerable opportunities to women which in itself is very commendable. There are so many laurels that the students have brought home, that already it is talked about in the highest of terms. I and my family bow down to the great teachers of St.Mary’s, and can only say with a swollen chest and raised heels that tucked away in a quaint little town of Dahanu, is a seat of great learning and I am joined by all past students who have made this journey of 50 years a memorable one. May this temple of learning continue to produce intellectually enlightened, morally upright and socially committed students with a missionary zeal!

Sr. M. Georgina

St.Mary’s High School, Dahanu has entered into the Golden Year of its existence! Hats off! Kudos to St.Mary’s society and the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany, for this great achievement. They nurtured it from its infancy. There was a lot of hard work and challenges behind this endeavour. The services of Mother Anysia B.S. can never be forgotten. She was a mother to all in every sense of the word. With a beaming smile and a wonderful patience, she endeared herself to the staff, students and parents. Sr. Lazarus and Sr. Pofence were two stalwarts, who guided the administrative setup, supporting the respective Principals of those early years. These sisters along with Mr.Merwan must be experiencing their elation from their heavenly abode. Memorable are the days I spent in St.Mary’s, Dahanu, particularly with the students of the Ist & IInd batches, who were in the IX an VIII standards. They were a friendly lot, affectionate and respectfully free in their dealings, enjoying every activity to the fullest. The friendly atmosphere in and outside the class was like a rich nutrient helping the growth of the students in every sphere of life. An energetic batch of sisters and staff, rendered yoeman service, in spite of the difficulties experienced in the early years. As regard to the managing committee of St.Mary’s, Late Mr. Merwan and his associates were very supportive, giving a free hand to the Bethany Sisters to administer the school and achieve academic excellence. On this occasion of the Golden Jubilee I extend, St.Mary’s School, Dahanu my heartiest felicitations and pray that St.Mary’s may scale further heights and achieve greater glory.

Sr. M. Georgina

Sr. Esuria

Dear Shri N.R. Swamy,
On this momentous occasion of the Golden Jubilee of St. Mary’s School, Dahanu Road I want to congratulate the Principals, Staff and the Students of the past and present for having reached a milestone in the history of St. Mary’s. It is a joy to join you, to thank God for the excellent contribution the School has made during the half century by forming integrated and responsible members of Society and the Nation. I gratefully salute the stalwarts of St. Mary’s Education Society viz. late Shri Merwan Khodadad Irani, late Shri Soli Hormusji Mubarakai, late Shri Rustom Mayar Irani, Shri Chandraji M. Bothra and Shri Ratilal Panchal whose vision and selfless contribution gave birth to this School of excellence. When Shri Merwan was incapacitated by advanced age and sickness his son-in-law Shri Boman Burjor Irani was inducted as a Trustee member and after the demise of Shri Rustom Mayari Irani, his son late Shri Aspandiar Irani joined the Trust. Among the Founder Trustees Shri C.M. Bothra, Shri Ratilal Panchal and Shri Boman Burjor Irani are actively involved in the management of the School till today. I wish them well. This is an appropriate time to briefly recall all those involved in the establishment of St. Mary’s School, Dahanu Road. It is gratifying to note that St. Mary’s School started in 1963 by late Shri Merwan Khodadad Irani and Rev. Fr. Joseph Victoria with many hardships and sacrifices has been reaping the fruits of their hard toil and labour. Bethany Sisters assumed the teaching ministry on 9th June, 1964. It was in June 1967 the administration of the School was handed over to the Congregation of the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany, Mangalore and late Sr. Anysia took charge as headmistress. She gave this School a solid foundation. Successive Principals Sr.Georgina, Sr.Esuria, Sr.Misericors, Sr.Benilda, Sr.Hilarian, Sr.Ophelia, Sr.Assumpta, Sr.Edleburge, Sr.Biana, Sr.Sally and Sr.Archana had ably guided the destiny of the School with the co-operation of the staff and parents. They have done a fantastic job of furthering the growth and development of the Institution. It was on 1st June, 2012 that Shri N.R. Swamy took over the reins of St. Mary’s after the Bethany Sisters discontinued their services. Being a Principal of St. Mary’s, I have treasured beautiful memories of fifteen years(1971-1977,1979-1980 and 1993-2001) spent there. The School has made its mark in Dahanu Road as a leading Educational Institution. The Institution has had many odds and triumphs too. The support of the Trustees, the dedicated services of the staff, co-operation of the parents, loyalty of the students and above all the blessings of God Almighty have made this Institution a sanctuary of learning and a movement in education. Shri N.R. Swamy, the Principal and his devoted band of cheerful, teaching and non-teaching staff, students and parents deserve our praise and appreciation for what they are doing, to keep the School banner flying high. The contribution of our dear departed, Superiors General, Trustees, Principals, teachers, parents and students is by no means less than anyone else. We shall remember them on this occasion with gratitude.
I wish to thank you for giving me this opportunity to express my sentiments on this special occasion. May your vision for the future make education ever more relevant, creative and meaningful for future generations!
May this Institution keep growing to bring the light of truth and light of learning to many! May the joyous melodies of this epoch making event keep echoing in our hearts till the jubilant centenary bells peel out in joyful strain.

Sr. Mary Esuria B.S.
Education Coordinator
Western Province, Dharwad

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Today it is a concern of every parent that their children should grow up to be well-educated human beings with certain values in their lives, and that they should be happy. A good system of education must instill self-esteem and creativity. We have to instill confidence in education, broaden the vision and deepen the roots.
In today’s education system, there is either communalism or communism. Both are hampering the growth of science. The scientific mind needs to be free from inhibition. The education system shouldn’t make people fanatics. People become such narrow-minded fanatics because they glorify the past all the time. Religious fundamentalism is because people glorify only the past. And on the other hand, communism promises you a golden future and says the past is all rubbish. I feel both of them are not right. The right education must harnessed a mind that is free, not obsesses with anything and neither angry about the past nor angry about the future.
I am very happy to know that St.Mary’s School, Dahanu is celebrating its golden jubilee this year. My blessings are with you for all your noble endeavours.

Mr. Swamy

Dear Readers,
Seasonal Greetings!
Gratitude for the past dedication for the present and commitment for the future.
Seasonal Greetings!
Five decades of St.Mary’s high school, the Jewel of Dahanu traveled a long journey to touch the milestone. The name itself shines in all its brilliance, covering everyone under its banner with visible sense of pride and honour. I feel very proud to be a part of St.Mary’s family since June 1986. First of all my gratitude from the depth of heart goes to almighty for his bounteous blessings bestowed on our journey of imparting knowledge to the children – Future of our Nation. My gratitude from the depth of heart goes to Sisters of Bethany Congregation for their dedicated service, a proof of - Service to humanity is service to God! Serving gloriously for five decades shows an identical growth and development leading us on the path of phenomenal success. St.Mary’s proudly remembers its founder Late Mr. Shri Merwan Khodadad Irani for his thoughtfulness about the need of quality education through English medium in Dahanu. I convey my sincere thanks to our trustees- Shri Boman B. Irani, the honourable chairman, Sri C.M.Bothraji, the honourable secretary, Shri Ratilal Panchal and other management committee members – Dr.Amardeep Marwah, Shri Hemant Panchal, Shri Willaim D’souza, Shri Vijay Bothra and Dr.Danesh Irani for their constant concern and commitment towards the growth and development of the school. I thank my predecessors for their selfless service in bringing standard education and maintaining it for ever. Inspiration from Sr. Opehlia helps me to carry my daily routine effectively. I also thank Sr. Hilarian who kept trust on me to appoint me as a teacher. I salute all Alumni who dedicated their service to our country as IAS Officers, Doctors, Engineers, Architects, Fashion Designers, Dieticians, Politicians, Industrialists, Administrators, Advocates, Lecturers, Teachers and in many fields. I appreciate the co-operation and co-ordination of my co-coordinators of various events on the eve of Golden Jubilee celebration. With the support of all teaching and non-teaching staff we enforce quality education and discipline. I think it will be a good idea to take the leaf out of Abraham Lincoln nursing and follow what he desired to be taught to his son. Let us teach them wonder of books but also give them quiet time to ponder upon mystery of the birds in the sky, bees in the sun and flowers on the green hill side
Teach them that although all things are neither just nor true that for every villain there will be a hero and for every enemy there has to be a friend.
• Teach them that it is far more honourable to fail then cheat. Teach them to learn to lose and also to enjoy winning. Teach them that happiness and sorrow are the two sides of the same coin. Teach them to sell their talents to the highest bidder but never put a price on their heart and soul. Above all teach them o have sublime faith in themselves and their own ideas because they have sublime faith in human kind.
• Be good, think good, do good, and you will FEEL GOOD

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