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An Expedition of 50 Golden Years.
Situated amidst beautiful surroundings and having a panoramic view, stands St. Mary's High School, the "Jewel of Dahanu".

Before St. Mary's was established, the inhabitants of Dahanu faced a critical problem when their children reached a school going age, many people felt that since English is an international language and being understood by half the world, their children too should master this language.

In June 1963, St. Mary's school was started by Shri. Merwan Khodadad Irani in his compound. The K.G. section was opened and sheds and godowns were converted into class-rooms under the able guidance of Late Rev. Father Victoria. Later on piece of land adjoining to the church belonging to Shri Harjivan Panchal was purchased in the year 1963 land construction thereon started. Shri Merwan Khodadad irani, Shri. Solo Hormusji Mubarak and Aspi Faredoon Irani looked after the construction of the building. Later on adjoining land of Shri. Aspi Faredoon Irani, Shri. Babu Ramji Bari and Mrs. Benaz Sheriar Navayazdan were purchased.

A governing body was formed consisting Arch Bishop of Bombay, Parish Priest of Dahanu and first founder Principal Late Rev. Fr. J.Victoria of St.Mary's School were opted as ex-officio members. Along with Late Shri. Merwan K. Irani, Late Shri. Soli H. Mubarakai, Shri.Ratilal H. Panchal, Shri Chandrarajji Bothra, Late Shri. Rustom M. Irani. Later on Mr. Merwan K. Irani, due to his advanced age and sickness handed over his responsibilities to his son-in-law Mr. Boman B. Irani(1968). They joined heads and planned out ways and means to fulfill a long cherished dream.

In 1964 almost by chance or better providentially, Fr. Victoria met two Bethany sisters from Mangalore. He was pleased to converse with them and introduced them to Late Shri. Merwan K. Irani, who having learnt their high calibre willingly invited the Bethany Education Society to take over the educational side of the school. Rev. Mother Macrina then the superior General readily consented to the request and sent vibrant band of three dedicated sisters to Dahanu. Her gigantic contribution to the initial growth and development of the school is praise worthy.

The sisters of Bethany bid farewell to St. Mary's School on 31-05-2012, as they were unable to provide the sisters. A note of gratitude springs out from every heart for the marvelous achievements and contribution made by the sisters. Principals at the helm of St.Mary's for those 48 years were Late Sr. Mother Anysia, Sr. Georgina, Sr. M. Esuria (served three terms), Sr. Misericors, Late Sr. Benilda, Sr. Hilarian, Sr. Ophelia, Sr. Assumpta, Sr. Edleburgh, Sr. Biana, Sr. Sally and Sr. Archana.

As the strength of students was rapidly increasing by leaps and bounds they felt the need of more members in the governing body. Then they incorporated Shri. William D'souza, Dr. Amardeep Marwah, Late Shri. Rushi Aspi Mayar and Late Shri. Adi Irani to this committee. In the subsequent years the following members were added to the committee. They are Dr. Danesh B. Irani, Mr. Vijay Bothra, Mr. Hemant R. Panchal, Mr. Dhiraj N. Bothra and Mr. Behram A. Mayar. The committee sees to the upkeep and extension of the school building.

No one could have even imagined that a child of virgin Mary born in a stable could redeem the world; similarly the small school which was started in the shed and godowns has now turned into an esteemed large institution and has educated many in Dahanu.

It won't be an exaggeration if one addresses Shri. Chandraraj M. Bothra as the real architect of this school. His nobility of mind, steadfastness to duty and simplicity has driven this institute to its present glory. Hats off to Shri. C. M. Bothra for his relentless pursuit to complete 50 years of his selfless devoted service. May he be blessed with good health and strength to continue his untiring noble endeavours.
Sir N. R. Swamy took over as interim principal on 01-06-2012 with the support and co-operation of the senior teachers. Much care was taken to keep up the excellence in all the spheres, all round development, value based education, development of personality, computer education along with sports and games. As per the growing strength of St. Mary's, it has spread its wings and today we have multipurpose hall named after Late Shri. Merwan Kodadad Irani, along with well equipped A.V. room, Library and a Computer Lab. It's a privilege denied to many schools to have a huge open ground surrounded by a fascinating view of chikoo and coconut trees which enriches the atmosphere and there by invigorates the intellectual minds.

It is due to the intercession of our patroness Mother Mary, this institution has flourished and grown and will continue.........

The expedition of this institution began with stalwarts and still continues it's journey under the able Principal and trained Staff, and will go with the flow of the changing currents.

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